Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An amusing broken link

How many recently-coined words have "google" in them? There's "googlewhack" for example, and one I just learned: "googlejack". To googlejack someone is to mimic their page when the visitor is a web crawler, but to redirect to your own page when the visitor appears to be an ordinary visitor. The result is that you get to use your victim's popularity (and thus their page rank) to promote your page. Very rude.

Now here's the fun part. The Wikipedia page I found this on mentions a site, googlejacking.org, which it says keeps track of instances of googlejacking with the idea of making Google aware of them.

The site appears to be parked at the moment, full of random ads ...

Note: For what I hope are obvious reasons, the link to Wikipedia above is a permalink to the revision current at this writing.

[Continuing the theme ... the original link for googlewhack.com now redirects to a Scandinavian SEO outfit, so I changed it to the Wikipedia link for the topic -- D.H. Dec 2018]

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