Monday, June 30, 2008

Pinging across the blogosphere

A few days ago I tracked down and added proper credit for the photo in my profile. It was taken a couple of years ago by Paul Downey, a fellow standards committee member at the time (and, among other things, a worthy blogger and a keen-eyed photographer).

In line with his efforts to make the web more generally useful, Paul maintains a mashup of various feeds relevant to his blog. Since I had directed the photo credit to his blog, this showed up on his Technorati page, which showed up on Paul's feeds. This mention in turn showed up on Bloglines (which I always imagine has an extra 's', as in cleanliness is next to Blogliness).

Interestingly, the mention didn't show up on my Technorati page, probably because Technorati doesn't count Paul's feed list as a blog. But it's also interesting how much happened without either of us doing anything, beyond Paul setting up his list.

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