Friday, July 25, 2008

Laptop orchestras and such on YouTube

A while ago I mentioned an article on laptop orchestras. I'd meant to check some of them out some time, and the other day I finally got around to browsing through YouTube to see what I could see. Here are a few items that turned up. I won't try to play music critic except to say that the style tends heavily toward "electronic" "modern" music -- more abstract soundscapes than beats and chord progressions.
Interestingly, I didn't find anything for the Worldscape Laptop Orchestra that inspired the original post. However, I did find some performances that, while not involving laptops, were clearly in the same vein of using computers and consumer electronics to make music:
  • Here is the Modified Toy Orchestra playing, well, modified toys. If you dig around, you can find how-tos and links to a whole subculture of "circuit bending".
  • You may have seen the famous iBand clip featuring two iPhones and what looks to me like a DS.
  • And finally, here's turntablist DJ Kentaro jamming with Kenoshita Shinichi on Tsugaru-shamisen.

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