Friday, August 29, 2008

More undead technology

For whatever reason, I found myself browsing through the upcoming generation tall buildings the other day. The Burj Dubai [Now the Burj Khalifa --D.H. June 2015] still has pride of place, but the one that caught my eye was the Tokyo Sky Tree. With a shape suggesting a huge Katana, the Sky Tree was considered necessary because the existing Tokyo Tower isn't tall enough to broadcast over Tokyo's latest skyscrapers.

So Japan, one of the more wired nations on earth, is spending hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars to build a new structure to broadcast radio and TV over the air. Another case where the surprise is that it's not surprising. Evidently the transition from broadcast to internet audio and video has a ways to go yet. Assuming it ever happens completely at all.


Anonymous said...

What's the tallest building that can be built in an earthquake zone?

David Hull said...

Dunno for sure, but the Sky Tree is second only to the Burj Dubai, so I'd say "pretty tall".