Friday, September 19, 2008

Is it too early for a greatest hits collection?

Of course it is. But that never stopped anyone.

About a year ago I started tracking traffic to this site, such as it is. For the most part, it looks like a few people stop by on an average day (thanks!), more if I've been posting more lately, fewer if I haven't. Gizmodo I ain't.

Most pages get read when they're first posted, if then, but a few have fared somewhat better. Here are the top several:
  • Two things I didn't know about Blu-Ray got more hits than anything else on the site, all on one day when it briefly appeared in the "From the Blogs" section of the CNN piece it links to. Since then, nada.
  • On the other hand, Digital vs. interactive vs. internet vs. broadcast got some hits when it was first posted, I think because it showed up on Bloglines, but continues to show up in people's searches from time to time.
  • Information age: Not dead yet has been a slow but steady earner. It seems to pop up consistently in searches like "When did the information age start?", a question it asks but doesn't definitively answer (indeed, one of the main points is that you can't definitively answer that one).
  • Wikipedia's angle on anonymous IP addresses has consistently shown up in searches with "Wikipedia", "anonymous" and "IP" in them. Interestingly, the top search is anonymous IP, with no "Wikipedia" in it. Apparently the post managed to acquire a good page rank at some point, though I couldn't find it in the quick searches I just tried, and indeed the hits stopped a couple of months ago.
  • I'm very glad to see that people are still interested in Peter Deutsch's list of fallacies of distributed computing, and glad if my post on it helps people find and appreciate it. The post still shows up on the first page of hits for deutsch fallacies. While verifying that, I ran across this interesting piece on the history of the list. I had no clue as to the history of the list until just now. I just liked its contents.
  • The very first post here, E-Tickets and copy protection, still turns up in a motley assortment of searches, including copying a dongle, copies of e tickets and beowulf copy protected cannot copy. I get the feeling that at least some of these visitors are going to come away disappointed. Quel dommage.
  • Megacommunities is another one with stronger interest at first and blips afterward. I'm afraid it doesn't offer much more on the subject than a few rough numbers and some musings, but maybe it'll help get the ball rolling.
  • Hacking the ENIAC turns up in searches for the people involved, and I'm very glad if I can help direct a little more credit towards that team.
  • My fairly skeptical take on hyperreality, Is hyperreality the new reality? has turned up in searches, though it seems to have dropped off of late. While checking that, though, I noticed that someone is actually using the tile I originally had in mind for this blog ("morphisms"), though under a different spelling (and with somewhat different theme and content).

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