Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some highlights of the year

Here are some tidbits gleaned from Google Analytics:
  • The top five pages are
    1. The main Field Notes page. I think that's generally people dropping back in to check the site.
    2. Go ahead and talk to strangers, about the intriguing and popular Omegle anonymous chat server.
    3. Information age: Not dead yet, a reply to Joe Andrieu's contention that the Information Age is behind us now, has been picking up steady traffic from searches like "When did the information age begin?" ever since. It doesn't answer the question. Rather, it argues that the question itself is ill-defined, which I still think is a valid response.
    4. "Hackers crack SSL", one of a series of articles in which I tried to track down what actually happened and discovered an interesting tale. I suspect that at least some visitors were looking for advice on how to crack SSL, in which case they would likely have come away disappointed.
    5. Now what happened to my bookmarks?, another post likely to disappoint searchers. It's about why I don't seem to use the bookmarks feature on by browser much at all, not about how to recover lost bookmarks, so I've added a note at the top with links to several more useful pages and/or searches.
  • The top five searches are
    1. omega talk to strangers (see above)
    2. how to guess someones password on worldscape. It turns out that the words in question appear in close enough proximity for Google to think I might have something to say on the topic. I don't.
    3. field notes on the web, fairly enough
    4. what happened to my google bookmarks (see above)
    5. when did the information age begin (likewise)
  • Other searhces that caught my eye, for whatever reason
    • how many threes are in a dozen?
    • powerset -"power set" -powersets
    • hammock kenotic torrent
    • "poach tickets"
    • "david hull" -aerosmith +microsoft
    • "david hull" -aerosmith -humanities
    • "what's a concept"
    • accelerometer, disable the device,driving
    • al gore lisp
    • all human knowledge how much information
    • hand ciphers touch-tone phone
    • how can the concept of a wovel be used in ecommerce systems
    • j. k. rowling lisp
    • photo fedex man eating lunch
    • quick before you change your mind david hull
    • salt lake city trip checked into hotel
    • was kathleen antonelli interested in music
    • what is that chat room called? omega something? chat with strangers?
    • why did the information age occur
["How many threes are in a dozen?" has a particularly interesting history with this blog ... I'll let you do the searching, particularly since results may change from time to time ... --D.H. Dec 2015]

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earl said...

So I searched "quick before you change your mind...," of course, and was immediately sent to that exact quote in a blog called "field notes on the web."
Amazing you don't see more of this sort of thing than you do.