Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Real-time Google

[Not to be confused with Google Instant, which shows search results in real time.]

I tend to operate somewhat slower than real time myself, so I may not get around to investigating Google's latest magical trick, real-time search, right away, but for me what jumped out of CNET's article on it wasn't the inevitable Google-Twitter partnership, but that
Real-time search at Google involves more than just social-networking and microblogging services. While Google will get information pushed to it through deals with those companies, it also has improved its crawlers to index and display virtually any Web page as it is generated.
That's been coming along, by degrees, for a while, but it still seems kind of eerie.

[Sure enough, by the time I could decide that 'real-time search, right away, but for me what jumped out of' would be unique enough to find this post, and put it into Google, it was already in the index. Granted, Blogger is Google territory. Still pretty slick, though]

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