Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well now I've done it

Field Notes now has a baby sibling. Its name is Intermittent Conjecture and it has something I haven't seen in years: a post list that fits on one page. In fact, as I write this it contains only an introductory post. Considering that I skipped that formality with Field Notes, I suppose that's another first.

As I say there and said here, the plan now is to relax for a while and post whenever the mood strikes. If it's about the web, it will end up here. Otherwise it will end up there. Unless you are singularly obsessed with or repelled by talk of the web, you will probably not see a lot of difference between the two, other than the range of topics.

If there were regularly scheduled programming, this is where we would return to it.


billf said...

Hello - this is a stab in the dark - I am trying to contact Tony - more years ago than I care to remember, at the PRG, I listened to Tony expound on CSP. I thought I understood it at the time - but I have had a few ideas recently that I would very much like to discuss with him, if this is at all possible. I will be in the UK from Sept 5th to Sept 15th, roughly. Tony, you may remember I worked with Ib Sorenson on CAVIAR. In any case, should this seed land on fertile ground, my email address is, and my skype id is billflinn2. I do hope I am not being impertinent.

David Hull said...

Sorry, I don't think I can help you here. When I think "Tony" and "CSP", I think C.A.R. (Tony) Hoare, who literally wrote the book on it.

If that's the Tony you meant, I'm beyond flattered to be mistaken for him, but somehow I doubt it. Best of luck in finding your connection!