Saturday, August 4, 2012

Now CAPTCHA-free

A while ago I turned on "Word Verification", which makes people leaving comments read a hard-to-read word in order to prove they're not a bot.

This seems to have done more harm than good.  I still get the occasional spam comment, and it's a pain for people to leave real comments.  To see what to do about it, I Googled blogger captcha, and up popped this post urging bloggers to "kick Captcha to the curb".  The gist is, no, that extra inconvenience to real readers isn't really worth it.  Spam filters catch spam even if word verification is turned off.

And, of course, "It flags your blog as less professional".  If there's anything this blog stands for, in tone, subject matter and publication schedule, it's iron-clad professionalism.

So I'm turning word verification off.  If it turns out to be a horrible mistake, I can always turn it back on.  Otherwise, no news is good news.


earl said...

Thanks. And it turns out to be a disaster, and I'm the only one who complained, I apologize.

David Hull said...

It's been about a month now, with no SPAM comments slipping past the filters. In fact, there have been no SPAM comments at all. Being in a backwater of the web does have its advantages.