Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Happy 10th, Field Notes

On August 23, 2007 I published the very first post on this blog.  As I've said before, the original aim was to join the blogging community and, frankly, improve my job prospects.  I would be hooked into the network of tech bloggers, doors would open and life would be good.

As it turned out, this didn't happen, but doors ended up opening, life is good and I'm grateful.

The blog, for its part, has evolved on its own.  My original aim was to be fairly technical, but that soon fell by the wayside.  Not that I never get technical, just that I'm not particularly writing for fellow geeks.  Rather, I'm writing for that hypothetical "intelligent layperson", someone who's not deeply versed in the field but knows a thing or two and is interested to find out a bit more.  If that's you, and you've been able to find out a bit more, I'm glad to have helped.

I used to have a self-imposed quota of ten posts a month.  That was good in that it prompted me to post, but eventually it felt like I was just doing it to do it.  This being the tenth anniversary, and with the quota in mind, it would make sense to put together a sudden flurry of ten posts to mark the occasion.  So I've put together five, counting this one.


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