Tuesday, November 25, 2008

(Not) announcing SearchWiki

I'm not sure exactly when this happened. It seems recent, but maybe I'm just slow to notice. In another one of its quietly-snuck-in tweaks, Google has added a couple of widgets to its search results: "promote" and "remove".

The function is pretty clear: move this item up the list, or weed it out entirely. But over what scope? Ah, there's another clue: at the bottom of the page is something about "SearchWiki". And there's a "learn more" link.

Aha. Your choices and comments are kept with your account and re-used whenever you do overlapping searches (or as a special case, repeat the same search). You can also add links, make comments, and see what others have done (in the aggregate, I would expect).

Looks interesting, and harmless enough in its current form. Wonder if I'll end up using it.  [... and it's gone.  Not too long after it came along, if I remember right --D.H. May 2015]

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