Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three mildly silly things

  1. I realize that if you're the US Post Office, you have to aim for a broad, sort of lowest-common-denominator target, but as I understand it a server can get some idea of what kind of screen resolution the agent on the other end has, and perhaps serve up a map a bit bigger than the one on this page.
  2. When you relinquish tickets on an online ticketing site -- you know, the kind that charges you several bucks in "because we can" fees, a.k.a. "convenience" fees -- to try for different ones, wouldn't be nice if they actually gave you different tickets the next time?
  3. Apparently some local TV stations have taken to broadcasting "live via broadband" low-grade video as part of their broadcast news. OK, I get it. The world of journalism is going to the web.dogs and you want to show that you're on board. But putting up 10 frames per second lo-res video with compression artifacts that make your reporter look like something DalĂ­ would have painted on a bad day is not going to make the best tech-savvy impression. One is reminded of (now Senator [or maybe not]) Al Franken's infamous "one-man mobile uplink".
Ah well. I suppose that's what makes the web the web.

Note: I'm not sure how best to attribute the Frankenphoto. The particular flickr image I used is on Ross Mayfield's photo stream, but I assume NBC has a dog in the fight as well.

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David Hull said...

Note to self: Franken is, of course, no longer a senator.