Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another year, another Web 2.0 widget

A couple of years back I proudly announced that this blog was "Now available in living Technorati". Well, actually it was more like I'd heard of this "Technorati" thing and thought why not give it a spin. Soon afterward, my "authority" (number of other Technorati blogs linking to mine) skyrocketed to a mighty 2, placing me firmly in the second of Technorati's several millions of blogs. Since then, bubkes. Probably I wasn't doing something right, but it's never seemed pressing to find out what.

So I've just removed the Technorati widget from the sidebar. As far as I can tell, it won't be missed. If it is, please drop me a comment.

Balancing that out, I've been seeing little hieroglyphs like "Digg this!" on blog posts for years now and been thinking "Maybe I should get me one of them." Clearing out Technorati seemed like as good an occasion as any. So now, thanks to a little bit of XHTML hacking, you should be seeing a little "Digg" button at the bottom of every post. It's not the most graceful little thing, but at least it seems to work.


[That was then, this is now (May 2015) ... the Digg widget has gone the way of the Technorati widget, replaced by a "whatever Blogger thinks is appropriate" widget]

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