Saturday, January 23, 2010

What you see and what you get

When I edit blog posts, or even preview them, links show up underlined in blue, making them easy to see. When I've visited the blog, which I generally only do if I want to double-check how it looks to the world at large, I've noticed that links were rendered in a fairly dark gray, hard to pick out from the general text.

So I've fiddled a bit with the colors in an attempt to find a combination that:
  • Makes links easy to pick out from text
  • Makes visited links easy to distinguish from fresh ones
  • Fits the existing color scheme of the blog
  • Gives good contrast for color-blind readers
I'm not ecstatic about the results, but I think the new scheme is at least better than the old one. Judging by this colorblind web filter, the scheme should work better unless your vision is completely achromatic, in which case it's probably only marginally better.

This is not the only case where Blogger's preview feature has shown a different picture from the blog itself. For example, when I put a bingo card in the middle of a post, it looked fine in the preview but was cut off when I visited the blog directly. The problem is that the preview feature doesn't take stylesheets into account. Now, it can't account for a browser being able to substitute whatever stylesheet it likes (including, perhaps, one that renders links more visible to the particular person browsing?), but you'd think it would be able to use the one that's set up for the blog.

Ah well.

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