Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christian Science Monitor to drop print edition

The Christian Science Monitor has just announced that, starting in 2009 it will no longer publish a print edition but will shift to "an online publication that is updated continuously each day." Since this would describe most papers' online editions (including the Monitor's I would think), the upshot is that they're dispensing with the print edition. I heard about this on American Public Media's Marketplace, which pointed out that the Monitor is something of an outlier, since it's a non-profit publication funded by a church.

As such, the Monitor is more concerned with maximizing exposure while minimizing cost. That sounds an awful lot like the usual newspaper business model, except for the small detail of advertising revenue. In other words, it's nothing at all like the usual newspaper business model.

Except, maybe it's not so different. It's not the Daily Monitor, it's the Christian Science Monitor. The whole idea is to get the Christian Science "brand" out there. In that sense, the Monitor's model is also advertising based, albeit with a single, fairly deep-pocketed and indulgent advertiser. So ... maybe it's not such an outlier.

We shall see.

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