Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No, I won't help you crack Worldscape

We have a new record holder for most random Google search to bring up a Field Notes post. As of this writing, “how to guess someones password on worldscape”pulls up 80 hits, of which the second is the Field Notes archive for November 2007.

Though the preamble at the top of Google's cached version claims that someones and password "only appear in links pointing to this page" (one day I shall track down what they're driving at with that), both password and the uninflected someone appear in the page, along with how, to, guess, on and worldscape.

In other words, Google is perfectly correct in bringing up this page. Normally, it would have put millions of other articles ahead of such a hit in the list, but in this case there just don't seem to be that many candidates to choose from. Sometimes dumb can only be so smart. Fortunately for our searcher, some of the other hits have to do with the art of guessing passwords, a good thing to read up on next time you have to make one up.

For the curious and/or obsessive, here's the rundown:
  • guess shows up mostly in the articles on anonymity, with regard to guessing someone's identity, and otherwise where I say I'm guessing (four times in that apparently uncertain month)
  • password shows up in the post on trusted computing
  • someone shows up because it's a reasonably common word. It's probably a bit more common than chance in the anonymity articles
  • how and to are most likely dropped on the floor, but of course they appear in numerous places
  • And the punchline: worldscape refers to the Worldscape Laptop Orchestra, probably not what the searcher was trying to gain access to. But I do see a note there that I need to find a better link. Don't they have a home page yet?

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