Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cox and cell phones

Frankly, I'm not up to speed on this one, but I saw it float by and thought I'd mention it. Cable provider Cox Communications is looking to get into the cell phone business. Since like most cable companies they're already in the broadband internet business, and they also provide wireless internet, this seems like a bid to expand its presence into yet another means of delivering bits.

I have no idea whether this will work. If it does, you've got one-stop shopping for pretty much everything people do with bits these days and it's a brilliant coup. If it doesn't you've got a company with more fingers in pies than it has fingers and it's a colossal blunder. Judgment will be delivered in retrospect, as usual ...

[The Wikipedia article on Cox calls it the third largest cable provider and the seventh largest telecoms provider in the country.  Looks like it worked out OK.  Even if on a later sweep through Cox is defunct, I don't see how you could blame it on the decision to enter the cell phone business. --D.H. May 2015]

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