Sunday, May 9, 2010

The case of the strangely persistent kiosk

A couple of times I've wondered how there could still be internet kiosks in airports given that I'd never, ever seen anyone use them. My wonder was compounded somewhat when I ran across a new generation of kiosk, one that seemed tuned toward online gaming. That at least made some sense -- you'd have a full online experience, gaming included, for somewhere around the cost of pumping quarters into old-school arcade machines. Not that you see too many of those at an airport these days, either. But neither did I see anyone actually using those.

And then, voila, I saw two kiosks in use on the same day. At two different airports, even. One gentleman appeared to be watching music videos on YouTube (I didn't look all that closely). The other, on the newer model, was better shielded from public view so I have no idea. But maybe there is a market for the service, after all.

Or maybe it was just national "use an airport internet kiosk" day and I didn't get the memo. I haven't seen one in use since.  [Still haven't, as of 2015, or maybe once or twice.  Not sure there are even many such kiosks around any more]

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