Friday, May 21, 2010

Ok, this is a bit annoying

I'm at an airport (a lot of it going around lately) and they offer free wi-fi. I connect and bring up a web page. As usual, there's a page to accept the terms and conditions. Fine, par for the course.

Then there's a brief 30-second ad before my actual web page loads. OK, fine, an airport has to make a buck.

Then my web page loads. With a frame full of ads at the top. Oh come on.

Come to find out there's a banner full of ads at the top of every page that loads. Now that's just annoying.

Funny how my eye seems to have tuned out the top part of the page ...

1 comment:

earl said...

It's an arms race, their annoyance vs. our ability to ignore. It's a stalemate, near as I can tell.

Let's see. This leaves you 10 days to do 9 posts.

Good to have you back, anyway.