Friday, June 25, 2010

Football on the web

(and by "football" I mean FIFA, not NFL)

Other sources drive plenty of web traffic, but if you want lots of people on a site all at once, a sporting event is the way to go. The latest case in point, of course, is the World Cup, which, according to ESPN, was producing over 12 million hits per minute, or about half again the traffic for the 2008 US presidential election (the previous record holder).

Likewise, twitter has been seeing upwards of 3000 tweets per second, comparable to the Lakers-Celtics NBA final. Normal traffic is more like 700 tweets per second.

Lest talk of presidential elections and NBA finals give too much of a US-centric impression, ESPN cites a measurement of "total mentions in social media" for the month leading up to the Cup. Far and away the top entry, ahead of hosts South Africa and well ahead of the US, are England.

But then, England have a fair bit to talk about.

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